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The Labor Miami portal is a “one stop,” free, online tool that helps job seekers, students, and businesses identify and easily access workforce and business resources within

Miami-Dade County.

In 2019 after the awarding of a 3-year, $3 million AdvancingCities grant from JP Morgan Chase, The Miami Foundation partnered with the city of Miami, Health Foundation of South Florida, Florida International University and other government, university, and nonprofit partners to integrate efforts of service providers to increase access to quality jobs and work with technical assistance providers to support the small business ecosystem in attaining growth opportunities. After identifying key opportunities in the Greater Miami Workforce Asset Mapping Report, The Miami Foundation led the development of the website to identify opportunities to prepare residents for 21st century economy living wage jobs in Greater Miami. is a centralized, easy to access, and comprehensive online tool that will help all Miamians identify and easily access the resources they need to thrive in Miami-Dade County. The portal features the latest labor market data on the fastest-growing employment sectors in Miami-Dade County, while also presenting pathways to these prosperous industries. Additionally, the portal connects users to wraparound services like early childhood education, immigration support, digital literacy, wealth building resources and so much more!

While The Miami Foundation is the backbone for the development of the site, the site is a collective impact effort driven by community-based organizations and leaders who are striving to ensure that all residents can thrive and grow in Miami-Dade County. Each partner organization brings specific expertise and community support and are partnering to more broadly collaborate in economic development in our region. See below for a growing list of partner organizations.

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